A Russian Spy? July 19th, 2017

Cascadian, and likely secret Russian spy, Dee Medev was found murdered with at least six bullet wounds to the head and chest.

By all accounts from neighbors and acquaintances, Dee Medev was a model Cascadian. He volunteered at a local shelter for orphans. He paid his taxes every quarter. He even hoisted a Cascadian flag on a pole outside his home.

But, sources tell us, Dee may not have been what he appeared.

Inside of CIT-Force, apparently, Dee was known as a well-placed and secretive agent for the Russian intelligence services.

Off-the-record, anonymous sources inside of CIT-Force revealed Dee Medev was implicated in at least three corporate espionage cases against Cascadian companies (SoftLogic Technology, Paralux, and Jabberwocky Systems)—a startling revelation, if true.