Nakoma Mountain Trust Executive is Dead May 28th, 2017

The Nakoma Mountain Trust should really be called the Nakoma Mountain Mis-Trust Company

An executive of the Nakoma Mountain Trust, the ultra-private entity that manages the Powder Mill Expanse, was discovered by our team here at CPR to be dead.

But while people die every day, the man said to be in charge of the Nakoma Trust has been dead for forty-two years.

You read that correctly.

As we pored over the few public records of the trust, many of which have been sealed by courts or by orders from the Office of the Overborgmeister, we discovered that the man supposedly responsible for managing the assets of the trust, Martin Sandberg, died in 1975 at the age of just seven.

Our inquiries to the Office of the Overborgmeister have been ignored (hardly surprising, given the magnitude of this revelation... they'll really need to get their lies straight in order to cover up this mess).

We also traced the image of Martin Sandberg, that has been floating around file records of the Trust in the public Cascadian archives, to a stock photo site.

The question of who has actually been managing the Trust is an open one, at this point. We will continue to explore this story and follow the leads wherever they take us.